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Do you want to protect your well-being and the environment ?

Switch to Glass Bottled Water!

 We have created the very practical 0.5L bottle in the classiest shape for you to carry along at all times
The 1L bottle is the perfect choice for table settings. Its unique design creates an elegant decor for everyone to enjoy

About us

Our purpose is represented through the names of four Greek Gods. By this we want to share our values and beliefs that health and well-being has to become accessible amongst people like you who care about everything surrounding us and themselves!
Asclepius – God of Medicine
Poseidon – God of the Sea
Panacea – Goddess of Universal Medicine
Aceso – Goddess of the Healing Remedy


     Having said this, we offer APPA – the perfect glass bottled water which comes from the Carpathians, the only source in the world that is nitrates and nitrogen dioxide free. It is bottled in pure, non-reactive and safe to use again and again glass which also acts as a natural barrier to preserve quality. By eliminating the potential risks caused by the toxins that can be found in plastic and by having these qualities, APPA is highly recommended for pregnant women and children as well


               We strongly believe that glass is the safest alternative to plastic. It will unlikely pollute the environment or affect human health, and thus can easily be reused and recycled.